All legal fees are a fixed price and won't change.

Grant of Probate

£500 to £900 legal fee

A Grant of Probate is the document issued by the Probate Registry confirming that you are the person that is legally entitled to administer an estate. This will allow you to distribute the assets that the deceased owned.

Estate Administration

£2,000 to £4,800 legal fee

This includes everything from the grant of probate option, with the additional help of valuing and sorting out the estate. There may be extra costs incurred depending on whats included in the estate, like stock-broker fees, or legal fees for selling a property.

Are there any extra costs?

Yes, there may be other costs on top. But your probate specialist will be open and clear about any extra costs right from the start. Some examples are:

Probate Registration Fee
(paid to the courts)


Additional copy of the Grant


Copy of the Will


Bankruptcy Search


Trustee Act Notices


Indemnity for lost share certificates (approximately)


Property Valuation


Minimum Stock Broker fees
(per share)

from £20 /share

Financial Asset Search


Copies of official documents

from £11 /document

Property sale fees from 1.25% (1.5% with conveyancing)

from £1,800

Deed of Variation


Additional assets not provided in initial quote

£100 /asset

Agricultural assets


Business assets


Transferable nil rate band application


Main residence allowance claim


This is not an exhaustive list but does cover the most common. We'll let you know before any expense is incurred.

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