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After a family member passes away, you must do several things to settle the deceased's personal affairs and administer the estate. In addition to preparing the funeral and contacting government offices and banking institutions, you may be asked for a Grant of Probate.

What Is A Grant Of Probate?

The English word "probate" comes from the Latin verb probare, which means "test or prove." When someone passes away, the friends or relatives of the deceased may be required to "prove" that they are the right individuals to handle the deceased's affairs and are permitted to inherit or deal with any property, money, or other assets left behind by the departed.

A Grant of Probate is a legal document used to handle a deceased person's estate. An administrator can begin the legal, tax, and administrative procedures related to estate administration after receiving a probate grant.

Will I Need a Grant of Probate?

If you're an Executor in a Will and someone passes, you may want to get a Grant of Probate. The Grant is a legally enforceable document issued by the Probate Registry that certifies your legal authority to administer the estate.

A Grant of Probate is typically not needed if the estate's value is less than $5,000. It will be essential only if there is a property to sell, a bank account with more than £10,000 – £15,000, stocks and shares to sell, or if the deceased person did not leave a Will.

Probate is the administrative procedure required to complete the estate once you get the Grant.

What will it require, and how long will it take?

The Probate procedure is broken down into four phases:

  • STAGE 1 Valuing the Estate At this stage, we'll assess the value of all of the deceased person's possessions. We will contact all necessary banks, building societies, insurance companies, and other relevant entities to get correct assessments of other assets. Stocks, liabilities, and life insurance payouts are all included.
  • STAGE 2 Inheritance Tax forms must be completed regardless of whether or not Inheritance Tax must be paid. To determine the amount of tax due, the Legal Representative will fill out the necessary documents as well as any supplementary schedules. If there is any Inheritance Tax due on the estate, it must be paid before the Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration may be obtained.
  • STAGE 3 After you've determined the worth of the estate, we will file a probate application. Filling out a lot of forms is a big component of the probate procedure. At this stage, the Legal Representatives must sign a Legal Statement to affirm that the application's details are complete and accurate.
  • STAGE 4 After your Legal Advisor receives the Grant of Probate, you can begin the process of settling the deceased's estate. This includes distributing payments to the rightful recipients in line with the will's provisions (or the rules of intestacy if there is no Will). This is subject to the statutory limitation period of six months expiring. Please consult with your legal advisor if you wish to distribute the estate before the statutory limitation period expires.

What does the "Grant of Probate Application Only" service include?

The Executor/Administrator would get valuations for all of the deceased's assets as of the date of death. The legal adviser will complete all of the forms and, if necessary, petition the court for a Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration, but they will not manage the estate's distribution or settlement, nor deal with any banks or debtors. The grant will be given to the Executor/Administrator, who will be in charge of carrying out the work.

Why Should I Hire a Probate Solicitor?

If you hire a Probate Solicitor, you'll save money on court expenses. The procedure should be quicker thanks to the expertise of our Probate Solicitors. In addition to that, there will be no mistakes on the application that can result in a delay in the process.

Why use Sail Probate?

We can give a Grant of Probate service at a lower cost and far shorter time frame than other Probate providers. We aim to get the Grant within 30 working days for a fixed fee of £579*, both of which are industry-leading.

Our experienced experts will take the time to understand your specific circumstance to determine what is most important to you. As a result, we are efficient, accurate, and timely in the execution of our Probate services.

Our Probate services

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